UNCHAINED Official Trailer (2021)

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First trailer for Unchained.


  1. Jack Sparrow
    Jack Sparrow
    Ditë më parë

    "There's no knights in shining armor, life's not a fairytale." Translation: "men are bad and evil, they won't help you because you're a wuhman; ya gotta be *STROOONG* !" 🙄

  2. Lydia Karre
    Lydia Karre
    5 ditë më parë

    The actress from Dharman. 👍👍

  3. Spearman Dornes
    Spearman Dornes
    6 ditë më parë

    Hmmm 🤔 Seen a similar movie to this before.... Can't remember the name though... Is this a remake?

  4. thefan12345
    6 ditë më parë

    Wow, I see this being nominated for at least 9 Oscars next year!

  5. Ed Miller
    Ed Miller
    6 ditë më parë

    Oh boy!!! When does it premier??? I can't wait to be first in line on opening weekend!!! 🤮🤮🤮

  6. Jeff Kuykendall
    Jeff Kuykendall
    7 ditë më parë

    Eric Roberts is the only notable actor in this, and he is a low B player at best. I don't think the Academy is going to be busting down their door .

  7. Duke Frywokker
    Duke Frywokker
    7 ditë më parë

    If she punches someone with a fist like that in the last clip, she'd have a broken thumb. A pro she is not. Nothing about this film is pro, though.

  8. G Entity
    G Entity
    8 ditë më parë

    Some faces are look familiar

  9. ultimate gamer
    ultimate gamer
    8 ditë më parë

    👇 nombre of who read it uncharted 😂😂😂

  10. Dwight Hayes
    Dwight Hayes
    8 ditë më parë


  11. federico Miyagi
    federico Miyagi
    9 ditë më parë

    This movie should be named unwatchable

  12. Shawn Blackhawk
    Shawn Blackhawk
    9 ditë më parë

    Seriously? It’s bad enough “mainstream” movie companies can’t come up with new stuff, but now the D rated guys are dumping this crap on us? 🤣😂🤣😂 Won’t watch, even when it’s FREE

  13. Charles Ilechukwu
    Charles Ilechukwu
    9 ditë më parë

    Another low budget movie 🚶🚶🚶

  14. kantami
    9 ditë më parë

    this lost me 3 seconds in with one of the worst headbutts i've ever seen.

  15. CarefulAtheist
    9 ditë më parë

    How far has Eric Roberts fallen...sad

  16. oncall21
    9 ditë më parë

    Terrible and no, I didn't get to the end of the trailer.

    10 ditë më parë

    I read the name wrong XD I thought it was uncharted

    10 ditë më parë

    This movies off the chain!!! 👍 🤪

  19. Divine's Vlog
    Divine's Vlog
    10 ditë më parë

    Hello Dharman Fans 😂

  20. Ernest Bamburg
    Ernest Bamburg
    10 ditë më parë

    Eric Roberts,,,,,,, say no more 👍👍

  21. Rude Dude
    Rude Dude
    10 ditë më parë

    Even the C-movies are pushing this "women can do everything men can do" BS now? Somebody kill me please...

  22. FuZzY Abe
    FuZzY Abe
    10 ditë më parë

    After hearing her say "I never asked for this" and then black screen, I thought I'd see her with some nice augmentations

  23. M Travaglini
    M Travaglini
    10 ditë më parë

    the cinematography is so bad that looks like the movie is from the 90s.

  24. Ray Murray
    Ray Murray
    10 ditë më parë

    Respect to all who watch Dharman

  25. M B Malik
    M B Malik
    10 ditë më parë

    The Editor wasn't paid beforehand.

  26. jack jamlo
    jack jamlo
    10 ditë më parë

    She's the beautiful girl from Dharman studio

  27. Alfred E. Neuman
    Alfred E. Neuman
    10 ditë më parë

    1:56 what someone should have told Eric Roberts when he accepted this.

    1. TheAmazingJimmy
      10 ditë më parë

      I bet that's his entire role in the movie, just sitting there reciting a few lines.

  28. Stephen Giglio
    Stephen Giglio
    10 ditë më parë

    once you see Eric Roberts, you know it's going to be SPECIAL. 😂

    1. wyomin50ball
      4 ditë më parë

      well he said at the end of this trailer, you don't have to go down to their level.

    2. Brian Haymans
      Brian Haymans
      10 ditë më parë

      Yeah right😂

  29. Mike Petersen
    Mike Petersen
    10 ditë më parë

    Eric Roberts... your better than this...

  30. Hookset Hijinx
    Hookset Hijinx
    10 ditë më parë

    But you see. . .

  31. 31Meadows
    10 ditë më parë

    Not seeing the chains

  32. D B
    D B
    10 ditë më parë

    Is this the new Street Fighter movie?

  33. Andrew Velonis
    Andrew Velonis
    10 ditë më parë


  34. Fred Bloggs
    Fred Bloggs
    10 ditë më parë

    Sorry, but this trailer makes me want to avoid this movie... ...I’m guessing that’s not the idea 🤔🤣

  35. Bryan Martin
    Bryan Martin
    10 ditë më parë

    Not great looking. If you want this type of movie with decent quality check out Raze with Zoe bell. That was good

  36. Steve Freeman
    Steve Freeman
    10 ditë më parë

    If you don't even want to finish watching the trailer, it's probably not going to be a good movie.

  37. Göksal Güvener
    Göksal Güvener
    10 ditë më parë

    *Have a nice watching everyone. For movie recommendations, you are welcome here. :)*

  38. C. M.
    C. M.
    10 ditë më parë

    She get a little step up from Dharman studio with some real "C" actors now..lol 😄

    1. Jaysyn Clendenning
      Jaysyn Clendenning
      10 ditë më parë

      That Dharman studio crap is so bad lol. A wannabe Jay Shetty with some really bad actors

  39. Paul garner
    Paul garner
    10 ditë më parë

    That looks shite

  40. Luke Collins
    Luke Collins
    10 ditë më parë

    *LoL I wish people stop making these terrible ass movies xDD* 🤦🏼‍♂️

  41. I Was NEVER Here
    I Was NEVER Here
    10 ditë më parë

    Feels like a rehash of an 80s movie🤔

    1. ALan Milne
      ALan Milne
      10 ditë më parë

      Yep - possibly even an 80's movie that was too bad to ever be released.

  42. lee seng kit
    lee seng kit
    10 ditë më parë

    Paw patrol

  43. Sasha Berdoux
    Sasha Berdoux
    10 ditë më parë

    Wohooo, taya valkyrie..

  44. Joar Billing
    Joar Billing
    10 ditë më parë

    That’s the girl from Dhar Mann

  45. hamza kite💜
    hamza kite💜
    10 ditë më parë

    Great sharing💜

  46. bebo 2
    bebo 2
    10 ditë më parë

    The girl from dhar man❤️

  47. Barirah Bae
    Barirah Bae
    10 ditë më parë

    Shes the dhar mann actot

  48. nananananananan batmann
    nananananananan batmann
    10 ditë më parë

    " first" im a braindead

  49. 247tubefan
    10 ditë më parë

    The sequel they will be challenged by some opponents who identify as female.

  50. Peter Stark
    Peter Stark
    10 ditë më parë

    Dhar mann

    1. Andrea Johnson
      Andrea Johnson
      10 ditë më parë

      Omg that’s her.

  51. Bryan McCleery
    Bryan McCleery
    10 ditë më parë

    These some gangsta bishes

  52. Abhinav C Chembakssery
    Abhinav C Chembakssery
    10 ditë më parë


  53. DF Production
    DF Production
    10 ditë më parë

    This is gonna be a epic movie

    1. Brian Haymans
      Brian Haymans
      10 ditë më parë

      Uhhhh nooooo

    2. John Powell
      John Powell
      10 ditë më parë

      Pttf try harder How much did they pay?

    3. Is Swampus
      Is Swampus
      10 ditë më parë

      Did they pay you a whole entire happy meal to say that?

  54. Jay R Leyte
    Jay R Leyte
    10 ditë më parë

    Is this the girl from dhar man??

    1. Sashell Harris
      Sashell Harris
      10 ditë më parë


  55. P Danaher
    P Danaher
    10 ditë më parë

    First 😂

  56. ⌁H𐍉gr⌁
    10 ditë më parë


  57. Jay R Leyte
    Jay R Leyte
    10 ditë më parë

    Real first